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If you need a filling but are concerned about your teeth no longer looking natural, Phong Dang, DDS, at Smile Forever Dental has a solution. At his Tacoma, Washington, office, he offers a wide range of white fillings to match your teeth, complete your smile, and protect your mouth. Schedule your appointment online or call the office for the next available appointment.

White Fillings Q & A

What are white fillings?

White fillings are used for cavity repair and to restore decayed teeth. White fillings are composite fillings able to be colored to match your natural teeth color. Coloring the white fillings creates a well-blended and seamless smile because the filling is even harder to notice.

What are white fillings made of?

White fillings are made of a composite of plastic and ceramic. The material is very durable — just as durable as silver fillings, though more expensive — and has the added benefit of color adjustment so that the filling can be matched to your smile.

Why should I get white fillings instead of silver?

If you need a cavity filled, Dr. Dang can explain which material is best for each area of your mouth. Silver is least expensive but is very durable and easy to use, making it good for molar fillings.

However, white fillings are also very durable and can be placed anywhere in the mouth to withstand high amounts of force as well. White fillings are much more customizable than silver and are far less noticeable. They’re tailored to your exact tooth color and smile. Talk to Dr. Dang about white fillings to learn more.

What should I expect at my white filling appointment?

Having a cavity filled with a white filling is very similar to having any cavity filled. Dr. Dang prepares your tooth by removing the decayed and damaged tooth part. Once the tooth is ready for filling, he mixes the composite and matches the color of your tooth.

With the filling ready, Dr. Dang pushes and molds the composite in layers into the empty part of the tooth, using a special light to harden each layer. Dr. Dang polishes and smoothes the tooth with the white filling for comfort inside your mouth and to protect against staining.

How long does a white filling last?

White fillings last for a very long time in smaller cavities. If white fillings are used in larger cavities, they can still last for up to 10 years — even in the front teeth. Continued care from you and Dr. Dang keeps your white fillings and your teeth looking their best.

At Smile Forever Dental, you can feel confident in choosing white fillings for your teeth. Dr. Dang provides excellent care and patiently answers any questions you may have about getting a filling. Contact the staff at his office to schedule your appointment or book an appointment online to take the first step in perfecting your smile.