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When you need a tooth removed, Phong Dang, DDS, makes sure that you’re comfortable and free of pain throughout the procedure. Contact his practice, Smile Forever Dental, in Tacoma, Washington, any time you have a damaged tooth or dental pain. His first priority is to save your teeth and keep them healthy, but if necessary, you can count on his experience for a safe extraction. Call or make an appointment online.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

Why might you need a tooth extraction?

You might need a tooth extraction when your tooth is so damaged or decayed that it can’t be saved with conservative dental treatments. Or, you might have an extra tooth or teeth that need to be extracted to make sure the rest of your teeth stay properly aligned, like your wisdom teeth. Additionally, a baby tooth that doesn’t fall out may need to be extracted to let the permanent tooth grow in.

Another common reason for extraction is impacted teeth. Teeth become impacted when they get caught in bone or gum tissue. This often happens when teeth are overcrowded or a tooth shifts sideways rather than growing straight up. When impacted teeth are causing you pain or pushing against your other teeth, it’s time to have them removed.

What happens before you get a dental extraction?

If you have an infection, Dr. Dang may want to treat it before extracting the tooth. He’ll also ask about your medical history to make sure you don’t have a medical condition or take medications that will affect dental treatment. After performing an exam and taking dental X-rays, Dr. Dang will thoroughly explain the problem and why your tooth should be removed.

Your extraction might be simple, which means the tooth is above the gum and only needs to be loosened before it’s pulled out. But with an impacted tooth or a tooth that’s broken off at the gum line, you’ll need dental surgery. For both types, Dr. Dang will discuss options for anesthesia and make sure you understand what to expect during the extraction.

Dr. Dang and his staff are dedicated to making all procedures, including extractions, comfortable and pain-free. You may be nervous, but with advanced dental procedures, you don’t need to worry about discomfort during an extraction.

Will it take long to recuperate after an extraction?

The amount of time it takes to recuperate depends on the number of teeth you had extracted and how difficult they were to remove. For a simple extraction of a single tooth, you may need to limit strenuous activity for a short time to make sure you don’t disrupt the healing process, but otherwise, you shouldn’t need downtime.

If your extracted teeth were impacted deep in your bone, you might experience some pain and swelling after the procedure. The pain can be treated, but you may need a few days of recovery to let the healing take place. Dr. Dang will tell you how to care for your mouth in the days after the extraction and let you know if you need to limit your activities or what you eat and drink.

For expert and pain-free extraction of a tooth, call Smile Forever Dental or book your appointment online.